Lifetime Guarantee

Legacy Icons opened in 2011 with a bedrock principle: that every icon we produce will be heirloom quality with a lifetime no-fade guarantee. To this day, our quality remains second to none. 

Our founder, David DeJonge, has over 30 years of experience as a photojournalist and premiere portrait photographer. His portraits of presidents, congressmen, justices, leaders, and military heroes have been unveiled in the Oval Office and the Pentagon. Perfecting the art and science of museum grade printing has been his life’s work. When he became Orthodox, David wanted to apply this experience to iconography.

Still today, as at the time Legacy Icons opened, most icon reproductions are printed using the equivalent of laser prints on magazine quality paper. At a glance they may look fine at first, but such prints are prone to fading in as little as a few months. A careful eye is sure to notice faded icons in churches and homes around the world. We do not believe this is an acceptable level of quality to reproduce images of our Faith that are meant to last for generations.

We have painstakingly developed a system of museum grade papers and pigment inks that will last for a lifetime. This is the standard we hold for ourselves, and it is our guarantee. If one of our Classic or Masterpiece mounted icons ever fades, we will replace it.