Ethically Sourced Iconography

Legacy Icons supports the craft and spiritual discipline of traditional iconographers with our commitment to ethically-sourced iconography. All of the icon reproductions we offer are either:

A. Historic icons in the public domain (over 100 years old), which our expert team gently retouch and color-enhance to be enjoyed for generations to come;


B. Contemporary icons that we have either commissioned ourselves, or received permission from the legal owner (the iconographer or church where the icon is located) to reproduce.

This is both our legal obligation and our Christian duty.

We could easily inflate our catalog with icons taken from the Internet without permission, as some companies unfortunately do. But we think this dishonors the holy icons themselves, which many fought and died for over the centuries, and disrespects the iconographers who painted them.

When considering the purchase of a reproduction icon from Legacy Icons, or from any company, always make sure it is ethically sourced.