Icon Styles and Finishes

We are often asked, "What is the difference between Classic and Masterpiece icons?" Continue reading below to learn more.

The Legacy Icons Difference

Our mission is to create timeless icons that will last a lifetime, and this is our guarantee. Unlike other icon duplications, our prints have been environmentally tested to resist degradation and fading for at least 100 years. We do not laminate our icons, as lamination can destabilize the chemical properties of the image and damage it over time.

Masterpiece Icon


Our Masterpiece Icon boards, available in selected sizes, are individually handmade in our wood shop from high-quality poplar and oak lumber grown in renewable American hardwood forests. They are then sanded and painted by hand, and a stainless steel hook is added for easy hanging.

Natural wood absorbs moisture from the air, and so it expands and contracts with the humidity. For this reason, every Masterpiece board is fitted with slats to prevent warping. These slats are made in the traditional manner. They add a beautiful, hand-crafted feel to the icons, while also serving an important function.

Your chosen icon image is printed on fine-quality cotton canvas in a controlled lab environment, using a special process which took over a decade to perfect. After the image is joined to the board, we apply a series of custom sealants to protect the image from fading, sun damage, and ozone.

Masterpiece Masterpiece

Classic Icon


Our Classic Icon boards are individually handmade in our wood shop from durable, warp-resistant MDF boards with a real wood veneer on the back. They are then sanded and painted by hand. A keyhole is cut into the back for easy hanging.*

Your chosen icon image is printed on fine-quality paper in a controlled lab environment, using a special process which took over a decade to perfect.

Classic Classic Classic


  Masterpiece Icon Classic Icon Cathedral Size Icon
Board Handmade from 100% natural poplar, with cross-slats Handmade from MDF with real wood veneer Handmade from your choice of board style
Sizes Medium and up All standard sizes All Cathedral sizes
Print Canvas Archival paper Canvas
Hanger Hardware Keyhole slot Hardware

Protective Wax

Our exclusive Protective Wax option is available on our Classic and Masterpiece icons. It is made in-house from beeswax, a mixture which binds with the pores in the wood to help prevent moisture from entering and causing the wood to warp. It also adds an attractive luster to the wood.

Note: Command strips will not stick to Protective Wax. If you will hang your icons with these, select the Plain option.

Protective Wax Protective Wax

Heavy Duty Coating

Our Heavy Duty Coating option is designed for icons that will be displayed outdoors or in a place where it will be heavily venerated, such as in a church. This option gives additional protection to the print.

The coating features several hand-applied coats of our special UV-protecting and water-repelling sealants.

Note: Heavy Duty Coating is not generally necessary for ordinary home environments. Our ordinary prints continue to be lifetime guaranteed against fading, as they always have been. Allow up to 1 additional week for production of icons with Heavy Duty Coating.

* Mini Icons do not include a keyhole. Certain promotional offers may also not include a keyhole.