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Legacy Icons has a large selection of Athonite incense and natural resin incense, incense burners and censers, incense supplies. We also offer a variety of kits for you to get started. See our newest offerings below, or browse by category at the left side of the page. You can also search at the top right corner of the page—you can even search for words such as "lemon" or "pine" to help you find incenses of a certain fragrance.

Damask Rose Incense

As low as $3.95

A remarkable rose fragrance with a subtle fruity and dewy petal character, harmonized with a rich and elegant amber. Hand-made by the the brotherhood of Holy Cross Monastery in West Virginia.

Svir Incense

As low as $3.95

This Athonite-style incense features a sweet and spicy wild flower fragrance from the deserts of east Africa, dedicated to Saint Alexander of Svir. Hand-made by the the brotherhood of Holy Cross Monastery in West Virginia.

Evergreen and Embers Incense

As low as $3.95

This Athonite-style incense features a deep and rich mixture of fir, spruce, balsam, cedar and moss with touches of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus creates a wonderful and complex aroma of evergreen. An especially delightful fragrance during the Nativity...

Grapevine Wall Bracket


Use this beautiful hook to hang a vigil lamp or hanging censer. Perfect for home prayer corners and churches alike! Mounting plate measures 1.5x2.75 inches, and overall length is 5 inches (13 cm). Mount using two matching screws (included).

Brass Engraved Incense Burner (Blue)


This open bowl-shaped censer is made of solid brass and is decorated with an etched cross pattern. It makes a great basic incense burner for your home altar or prayer corner. The brass grate for holding charcoal is removable for easy emptying of ash...

Premium Myrrh Incense

As low as $2.79

NEW! We have a new source for our Premium Myrrh, resulting in a very clean and pure incense, free of the natural debris that could be found in our previous supply. A wonderful, earthy fragrance that is a classic incense. Premium Myrrh includes the...

Frankincense and Myrrh Blend

As low as $1.95

Enjoy this fine-quality blend of the two classic, natural fragrances of sweet Frankincense and rich Myrrh. The blend gives a unique and worshipful scent ideal for both home and church use. Ideal for both traditional charcoal censers and Legacy Icons...

Byzantium Incense Burner


This beautiful pedestal incense burner features a removable lid with many holes to diffuse the incense smoke into the air. (7 inches tall) Safety Tips Incense burners, including the metal handle, become very hot during use. Use with care. If you...

House Blessing Incense

As low as $3.95

The tranquil smell of a pine forest, running rich waters flowing through the woods, and a hint of freshly fallen leaves will bill perfect for your prayers. Some have suggested calling this the St. Nikephoros incense in honor of his intercession during...

Ceramic Incense Burner

As low as $14.95

Made in Greece. These incense burners are crafted and glazed by hand. Each burner is unique and colors will vary slightly. You can use this to burn incense and even candles. Keep in mind that candle wax may be hard to remove and charcoal will melt it if...

Small Deluxe Brass Incense Burner


Transform your home worship as your prayers arise like incense with this smaller edition deluxe brass incense burner. Features an engraved cross on the lid and is decorated with engravings on the bowl and the base with an antique finish. Perfect for...