Wholesale & Church Accounts


Legacy Icons is pleased to offer our high-quality icons, incense, and other goods at wholesale prices. For the first time, hand-crafted icons and custom church products are offered at prices which are competitive with other mass-produced icons and products on the market.

Wholesale accounts are available to churches, church bookstores, non-profit organizations, and resellers. Please review the information below and our Terms of Service before applying.

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  1. With nearly 30 years of experience in reproducing fine art and icons, ours are the finest reproduction icons available.
  2. Our icons carry our lifetime guarantee that they will resist fading for decades, up to a century or more. Our competitors cannot make this promise, and many other companies' reproduction icons will begin to degrade within just a few years. If our icons do ever degrade, we will replace them with no questions asked!
  3. Our icons are not laminated with plastic, unlike most reproduction icons being sold today. Each of our icons are produced with a tested UV-resistant system.
  4. Each one of our icons is made by hand, which will be evident from the final product. Our name, Legacy Icons, reflects our desire that our icons will endure to be passed on from generation to generation.
  5. Legacy Icons is owned and operated by members of the Orthodox Church. Our mission is not only to provide high-quality icons and religious goods, but to reflect our Christian faith. To this end, each sale helps us in our endeavor to produce educational media.

Our Icons

  • Classic Icons. These museum-quality icons are printed on archival paper, hand-mounted to a solid MDF wood with a veneer over top. The edges are painted red and each icon has a keyhole notch in the back for hanging.
  • Masterpiece Icons. These museum-quality icons are printed on museum-grade canvas. The prints are mounted by hand to a traditional poplar wood board, strengthened by wooden cross-slats. The edges are painted red and each icon has a hook on the back for hanging. The icons are triple-sealed with our exclusive protecting system.
  • Phosicons. Phosicons are exclusive to Legacy Icons. These stunning images can be hung on your wall—or better, in your window. These portable, stunning, high-quality icons are printed on cloth, and each one is hand-stitched and hangs from a hand-cut reed.

Our Incense and Devotional Items

  • Private Selection Incense. We are proud to offer dozens of the finest scents, hand-selected from the four corners of the world. Together with our equally-wonderful Incense Accessories , churches will especially benefit from becoming wholesale customers!
  • Devotional Items. Many wonderful goods and products that are perfect for home altars and gifts.

Wholesale Pricing

Our base rate of discount is 40%. Certain items, such as gift sets and items that are already offered at discounted prices, have smaller discounts. 

  • Icons: 40% discount
  • Cathedral Size Icons: 10% Discount
  • Quick Ship Icons: 10% Discount
  • Incense: 30% discount
  • Incense Accessories, Burners, Charcoal: 30% discount
  • Incense Kits: 25% discount
  • Devotional Items, Gifts: 25% discount
  • Books: No discount, due to our low margins


Checkout via our normal shopping cart and checkout process. We prefer payment upon checkout via credit/debit card or Paypal. This streamlines the process and makes things easier for everyone.

Net 30 payment terms are available on orders of $500 or more.

We ask that your business has a physical address, phone number, and maintains in-stock inventory. If you are looking for drop-shipping options, contact us about our affiliate program.

Custom & Volume Orders

Don't see something you need? Please email us! Would you like volume icons for your event such as a church camp or retreat? We will do our best to help you.

How to Apply

Before applying for wholesale status, please make sure you have a Legacy Icons user account in the name of your church or organization for use with wholesale orders. You will need to sign in to your wholesale account to make wholesale purchases.

If you do not have a Legacy Icons user account yet, please click here to create one.

After you have created a user account for your church or organization, please click here to complete our application form to gain wholesale status for your account.