Church Design Services


We can help churches develop a plan to beautify your church at a fraction of a price of a traditional iconographer. A church may not be able to afford an iconographer to cover decorative elements on top of iconography, and that is where we aim to help. Whether yours is a large established church, a small mission, or even a home chapel, we can work with you to beautify your space to the glory of God.


All of our church artwork is printed the same way as our Masterpiece icons—on premium canvas, using archival-quality pigments and inks, and coated with our special sealant. It all carries our fade-resistant satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured your icons and artwork will stand the test of time alongside your traditional hand-painted icons. All colors and many designs are customizable!


Traditional toweling has a very long history in church iconography. It is a border of stylized fabric or "towels," covered with decorative emblems, which runs along the walls of many old-world Orthodox churches. It can be generally thought of as a chair-rail height, although in some cases they are much larger, as well as smaller. Beautify your church and make it feel complete with toweling from Legacy Icons.


Below are our current toweling choices. (You can choose your design motifs, border pairings, and colors so everything fits the style of your church.)


  • A: A classic design that is well-suited for most churches and styles of iconography.
  • B: An elegant design with a lovely border, rings, and tassels.
  • C: A clean, stylized design that would match well with certain styles of architecture and iconography.
  • D: A timeless stylized design that has been used for centuries in historic Russian churches.
  • We can produce custom toweling too!


Spectacular borders can be used to accentuate the architecture of a church: its windows, beams, columns, and arches. This creates a heightened sense of beauty and joy within a church building, which might otherwise look quite plain.


Horizontal Borders

  • HB1: Colorful with stylized leafy shapes.
  • HB2: Text border which can be totally customized.
  • More to come... We can produce custom borders too!

Vertical Borders

  • VB1: Stylized flowers and vines.
  • VB2: Peacocks (an ancient Christian symbol) and grapevines.
  • More to come... We can produce custom borders too!

Cathedral (Large-Size) Icons

We have a collection of Cathedral icons that are suitable for enlargement, and the results are stunning. Working with talented iconographers, our very best Cathedral icons look virtually indistinguishable from hand-painted frescoes even at very large sizes.


Decorative Elements & Custom Work

If you have a specific design or want something different from our growing library of options, we can produce custom artwork for you and still maintain an affordable budget when compared to large-scale hand-painting.