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What Are the Great Feasts?

Jan 6th 2023

Sometimes we receive the question: What are the Feasts, anyway? Those coming from a tradition that does not celebrate Church Feasts may even think we go to church and eat a big meal together. Do be sure—sometimes we do! But that's not what it means. Oxford Dictionary's first definition of feast is "a large meal." But the second definition is "an annual religious celebration." This comes from the Latin festus, "joyous." It is a joyous day...
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The Orthodox Advent Wreath

Oct 28th 2022

The Byzantine Rite of the Orthodox Church has no liturgical season exactly corresponding to Advent in the West. That does not mean there is no preparation for Christ’s Nativity. In the Orthodox Church, the Nativity Fast begins on November 15, forty days before December 25. While there is no weekly “theme” on Pre-Nativity Sundays, the Advent season is marked by the penitential singing of “Alleluia” at Matins and other features. As...
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2022 Christmas Shipping Guide

Oct 21st 2022

Each of our icons is hand-crafted just for you, and we are busy during the Christmas season. If you have an important deadline, consider ordering earlier rather than later. Note: These are estimates, not guarantees. Shipping carriers may have suspended their delivery time guarantees on certain services, and we also continue to experience supply line delays. Our best advice is: order early, don't wait till the last minute. Domestic Customer...
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Didache: A Treasure From the Early Church

Sep 20th 2022

The Didache, orThe Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, is an early Christian text that most scholars date to the first or early second century. The Didache was highly regarded by many early Christian authors and theologians. Athanasius of Alexandria (†373) recommended it to converts, and it had a great influence on theApostolic Constitutions(375). Before the New Testament canon was formally settled in 692, a number of Biblical canons included theD...
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The True Cross

Sep 13th 2022

According to Orthodox tradition, the Lord's Cross was made from three kinds of wood: Cypress, Pine and Cedar. This is believed to be a fulfillment of Isaiah 60:13: The glory of Lebanon will come to you, with cypress and pine and cedar together, to glorify my holy place; and I will make my footstool glorious. Legacy Icons is pleased to offer a new Wall Cross hand-crafted in our own woodshop from these three kinds of wood. Place this unique...
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