Cathedral Icon Shipping

Being typically large and heavy items, Cathedral Size Icons are considered freight, and have special shipping considerations that set them apart from our regular icon sizes, and require a special process. You are required to agree to the Shipping Acknowledgement and our freight shipping process outlined below in order to add the Cathedral Size Icon to your cart.

Production Time

Please allow at least 4 weeks for production. Orders with multiple Cathedral Size icons may require more time.

Process Overview

When you purchase a Cathedral Size Icon, it will go into production as usual. After the icon is finished and it has been inspected for Quality Assurance, a sturdy shipping crate will be custom built for your order (the price of your icon includes a crate fee of $70 to $100, depending on the size), and your icon will be securely packaged inside. (If you order multiple Cathedral Size icons, any excess crate fees will be deducted from the balance due for shipping.)

The crate will be measured and weighed. We will generate a quote via Freightquote to get you the best service and the best price. Generally we do not use UPS or FedEx for this, as there are often better and less expensive freight shipping options.

When we have the shipping quote, we will bill you for the actual cost of shipping, less $100 from your shipping deposit (details below). The shipping quote must be paid prior to shipping. (If the shipping cost is under $100, you will be refunded the difference.)

Shipping Deposit

Your order will include a $100 shipping deposit which will appear as "Shipping" on your invoice. This is a deposit, not the final shipping cost. You will be billed for the balance after it is quoted.

If your shipping deposit (plus any excess crate fees) exceeds the actual shipping cost, the excess will be refunded. 

Shipping Quote

We generate quotes via Freightquote, in which freight shipping carriers essentially bid on your shipment. We choose the best and most cost-effective option, and we will then bill you for the actual freight cost, less your $100 deposit. This balance must be paid in full before we ship your order. We do not mark up your freight shipping cost; you will only be charged the actual cost.

Shipping quotes are time-sensitive, so it is important to pay your shipping balance as soon as possible. You will be responsible for any additional costs associated with the delayed payment of your shipping balance.

Shipping Discounts Do Not Apply

We sometimes offer free shipping or other special shipping rates or discounts. These offers never apply to Cathedral Size Icons.

Likewise, VIP Free Shipping does not apply to Cathedral Size Icons. Because of how our online store works, VIP customers may be exempt from the $100 shipping deposit, but will nevertheless be billed for the full cost of shipping in any case.

Pick-Up or Courier Options

If you are located in or near Michigan and would prefer to pick up your Cathedral Size Icon, we can arrange for this. Please order your icon as usual and make note of this in the Order Comments at checkout. When the arrangements have been made, your $100 deposit will be refunded.

If you have a courier arrangement or a specific carrier you want us to use (such as a UPS billing account), please note this in the Order Comments at checkout. We will work with whatever particular needs you may have.

Unmounted Canvas Prints

The shipping costs for Unmounted Canvas Prints is typically much less, and you will likely be refunded most of your deposit. There is also no crate fee for Unmounted Canvas Prints.