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'Smokeless' Incense Burner

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This amazing candle incense burner features a compact and simple design, exclusively from Legacy Icons. Combine the gentle fragrance of your favorite incense and gentle glow of candle light as you offer your prayers to God. Ideal for homes where low smoke and no mess is desirable, while still using incense in prayer.

The spectacular hardwood and brass incense burner features a beautifully carved hardwood base, and an inscription of Psalm 140:2 around the brass tray: "Let my prayer arise in Thy sight as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice."

Burn your incense easily with a candle instead of charcoal, resulting in a cleaner burn of pure incense fragrance with the small amount of smoke generated, and no smoky charcoal odor. Using the adjustable pan, you can increase the heat and smoke by bringing the incense closer to the flame. (Overall height is 5 inches.) With the new wooden handle, the height can be more safely adjusted while the flame is burning.

Use & Safety Tips

  • To use, place a tea light candle in the bottom tray and light it. Place incense into the incense pan. It will begin emitting fragrance within about 30 seconds.
  • Incense burners become hot during use. Handle with care. This censer is designed for stationary use, not to be carried around. For adult use only.
  • For best results, use beeswax tea light candles. Regular paraffin candles emit black soot that will quickly coat the bottom of the incense pan.
  • To clean, allow the censer to cool completely and gently scrape the carbonized incense off the grille with your fingers or a non-abrasive tool such as a toothbrush. Freezing and gently flexing the grille can make stubborn pieces more brittle and easier to remove. (Replacements are available.)
  • Place a small piece of aluminum foil on the grille and put the incense on the foil for effortless cleanup. This is especially recommended for incenses which tend to liquefy, such as Amber.
  • Always use tongs or a spoon to handle incense grains in the censer.

This 'Smokeless' Incense Burner with wooden base replaces the previous all-brass version, which has been discontinued.

Write a Review
  • Does not fully burn incense

    Posted by Owen Kelly on Aug 10th 2021

    The issue I’ve had with the burner is that it will not fully burn the incense. I’ve used various kinds of incense purchased from Legacy. I have also adjusted the burner to various heights. Even when I lower the burner to the height of the flame itself, and flip the piece(s) of incense over, the incense will not thoroughly burn. Rather it seems to burn only the exterior of each piece, leaving a good portion of the “core” unburned. And once the exterior is burned, it seems to “seal” the rest of the piece of incense from being consumed. In short, my experience with this style of burner is that it results in wasted incense. I have not experienced this issue with charcoal.

    When I expressed my concerns to Legacy, I was told I could not return the incense burner as it has been used. Yet only the grate which holds the incense had been "used." I was also told that: "even when using charcoal, there are parts of the incense granules that get absorbed into the charcoal, and these are what can turn the incense sour after a while if it is not removed and replaced. The 'Smokeless' burners should get hot enough to melt the vast majority of the essential oils in the incense, which make up the fragrance in the incense, while leaving behind some organic noncombustibles."

    I find this supposedly "scientific" answer unconvincing. My experience with charcoal burning is that it produces not only more smoke than this burner but also much more fragrance (i.e., from the essential oils). Those who are experienced with incense burning will know this to be true. Indeed, I am surprised by the number of 5-star reviews for this product; surely others are noticing this issue as well. There may be a good reason why this 'smokeless' method hasn't been used before: it just doesn't work very well in comparison with the charcoal method.

    Forgive me, but could Legacy not have refunded the amount of the burner to me, minus the amount of the grate, since the latter is the only part that was “used”? Is profit the goal here or keeping a loyal customer? The rigorous qualifications of Legacy’s return policy seem unbecoming of a Christian business, especially one serving the Orthodox faithful. It is a shame, really, and amounts to an expensive mistake on my part.

    I did not plan on leaving a negative review. I only wished to return the item in exchange for something more useful to me personally. However, because of the response from Legacy, I felt like the public, and especially the Orthodox faithful, should know about this issue before investing in a product that does not fulfill its advertised function, however beautiful it may look on one's prayer table.

    Legacy Icons Response:

    The Smokeless Burner does not produce much, if any, smoke — by design. The flame is a more gentle and indirect heat source that causes the fragrant oils in the incense to evaporate and become fragrant without the intense heat of charcoal, which burns up the carrier material and causes smoke. Those wanting smoke can lower the incense pan and directly burn the incense in the flame, but most customers don't prefer to do this.

    Those who prefer the experience of the Smokeless Burner typically want to avoid the burnt odor and ash that charcoal-based burners inevitably generate after the fragrant oils have evaporated into the air, usually within 1 to 5 minutes on charcoal. The Smokeless Burner's gentle heat causes the incense oils to evaporate more slowly and without burning up the grains themselves. The appearance of the grains afterwards does not indicate whether the grains are still fragrant.

    Which incense burning experience each customer prefers is a matter of personal preference, but we feel we clearly advertise what the customer should expect when using each style of burner. But if this helps clarify it even more, we are glad we can help.

  • Smokeless Incense Burner

    Posted by Jason on Jul 8th 2021

    Great product! We use it in our home during our prayers.

  • Beautiful product, swift delivery

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2021

    I live in Europe and simply couldn't source any similar home incense burners with the meaningful, obviously Christian inscription. I therefore ordered this from the US, along with the starter kit and was pleased at how quickly the item arrived.

    The burner adds to a prayer ambience (without setting the smoke alarms off) and the incense I've tried so far is of superior quality.

    Thank you for the great products and service!

  • Smokeless incense burner

    Posted by Deborah on Sep 17th 2020

    I am really enjoying the smell of incense without the charcoal odor. There is no smoke to set off fire alarms. I gave it 4 stars because it discolors easily. I have only been using this for a week with the bees wax tea lights and incense from Mount Athos. I have the burner set up high but the grille is already showing discoloration as is the lovely inscribed base. I only burn it about 20 minutes at a time. Glad I ordered replacement grilles.


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