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Saint Katherine (Sinai) Icon - S444

As low as $9.95

Saint Katherine (also spelled Catherine) was a Great Martyr who suffered in the year 305 at the hands of Maximinus of Alexandria. She is commemorated in the Slavic churches on November 24, the date of her martyrdom. In the Byzantine churches, she is...

Archangel Raphael Icon - S391

As low as $9.95

Saint Raphael is one of the seven traditionally named Archangels of God. His name means "healing of God," and his intercessions are frequently sought for healing. He makes his biblical appearance twice in the book of Tobit. Tobit had been blinded, and...

Thrones (Athos) Icon - S354

As low as $9.95

This detail from a large 16th century fresco features two angelic Thrones. The Thrones are the third-highest of the nine ranks of angels, and are mentioned by Saint Paul in Colossians 1. They are usually associated with the wheels seen by the Prophet...

Angel of the Lord (Athos) Icon - S351

As low as $9.95

This detail from a large 16th century fresco features an angel, titled "Angel of the Lord." He is dressed as a deacon, as Psalm 103 describes the angels as "ministering spirits." He holds a royal scepter and orb, representing the authority given to the...

Apostle Matthew (Clark) Icon - S243

As low as $9.95

The Apostle and Evangelist Matthew (also named Levi) was the brother of James Alphaeus. He was a tax collector until he was called by Christ. He was the first to write a Gospel, and he wrote in Hebrew. The theology of his Gospel is aimed at the Jews, and...

Seraph (Athos) Icon - S355

As low as $9.95

This detail from a large 16th century fresco features a Seraph. The Seraphim, which in Hebrew means "burning ones," are the highest of the nine angelic ranks. Their name indicates their closeness to God: so close that they are eternally burning with...

Archangel Barachiel Icon - S424

As low as $9.95

Barachiel in the Hebrew language means Blessing of God. One of the eight traditional archangels, he is depicted holding roses. He is considered to be a leader of the Guardian Angels, and a patron of married couples and families. This icon is...

Holy Archangels Icon Set - Y014

As low as $67.95

This beautiful icon set includes the eight traditional Archangels, the leaders of the bodiless hosts of heaven. Inspire your mind with spiritual thoughts as you contemplate their intercession for you and your loved ones. Michael in the Hebrew...

Apostle Philip (Clark) Icon - S234

As low as $9.95

The Apostle Philip of the Twelve was a friend of brothers and fellow Apostles Andrew and Peter. When Christ called Philip to be an Apostle, Philip immediately went to Nathanael and proclaimed that He was the Messiah of Israel. After Pentecost, Philip...

John Chrysostom (Athos) Icon - S332

As low as $9.95

Saint John Chrysostom (which means "Golden-Mouthed," after his eloquent speaking abilities) is one of the greatest preachers and theologians in Church history. His sermons and commentary on the scriptures are invaluable, and his bold preaching is...

Saint Justinian the Great Icon - S532

As low as $9.95

Saint Justinian the Great reigned as Byzantine emperor from 527 to 565. During his reign, tens of thousands of pagans were baptized into Christ and the pagan schools of Athens were closed. Some ninety missionary churches were built to evangelize and...

Archangel Michael Icon - S480

As low as $9.95

Michael in the Hebrew language means Who is like God? He is the leader of the Archangels, and has been depicted from the earliest times as a commander and protector of the Church. In this icon he holds a scepter, which represents authority

Gregory Palamas (Athos) Icon - S302

As low as $9.95

Saint Gregory was born in 1296 and raised in the imperial court of Constantinople, where he excelled in both religious and secular knowledge. He later departed to Mount Athos and labored in the Vatopedi Monastery. When his harsh asceticism brought an...

Archangel Jeremiel Icon - S425

As low as $9.95

Jeremiel (sometimes called Ramiel) in the Hebrew language means God's Exaltation. One of the eight traditional archangels, he is depicted holding scales of justice, which relates to his traditional role as the angelic overseer of Hades, or the...

Great Feasts Seasonal Set C - Y012

As low as $44.95

With this set, you will receive the icons of the three Great Feasts of the autumn season (spring in the southern hemisphere): Nativity of the Theotokos, Exaltation of the Cross, and Entrance of the Theotokos. For those who desire to purchase a complete...

Archangel Michael (XXc) Icon - S377

As low as $9.95

An angel is a messenger of God, and a being which has stood before God and praised Him from a time before human comprehension. We cannot fully grasp what an angel's exact nature is, but we can understand an angel's function on earth. In icons,...

Archangel Jehudiel Icon - S423

As low as $9.95

Jehudiel (also translated as Jegudiel) in the Hebrew language means Glorifier of God. One of the eight traditional archangels, he is depicted holding a golden crown and whip. He is considered to be a patron of leaders and those in positions of...

Apostle Andrew (XXc) Icon - S553

As low as $9.95

The Apostle Andrew "the First-Called," was the brother of Saint Peter. He had been a disciple of Saint John the Baptist, but went to follow Christ when Saint John called Him "the Lamb of God," becoming the first disciple. After the Lord's ascension into...

Archangel Salaphiel Icon - S422

As low as $9.95

Salaphiel (also translated as Salathiel) in the Hebrew language means Intercessor of God. One of the eight traditional archangels, he is named in the book of III Esdras, where he encourages the Prophet Esdras. His hands are crossed in a...