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Great Feasts and Pascha Set

As low as $164.95

With this set, you will receive the icons of the Twelve Great Feasts and Pascha (Easter), for a total of 13 beautiful icons: Nativity of the Theotokos Exaltation of the Cross Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple Nativity of...

Saint Seraphim of Sarov Icon - S360

As low as $9.95

Originally called Prokhor, St. Seraphim was born to middle-class parents in Russia in 1754. He became very ill as a young child, but was healed by the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon through his own faith and the faith of his mother. After this...

Gregory of Nyssa (Athos) Icon - S406

As low as $9.95

St. Gregory lived in the fourth century. A brilliant theologian and teacher, he was consecrated bishop of Nyssa by his older brother, St. Basil the Great. Together the brothers fought against the Arian heresy, and suffered persecution by Arian clergy...

Apostle Peter Icon - S105

As low as $9.95

Saints Peter and Paul are celebrated together as the Holy and Glorious Leaders of the Apostles. Saint Peter was a zealous follower of Christ, and was the first to confess His Divinity. While the Apostle denied Christ after His arrest, the Lord forgave...

Three Holy Hierarchs Icon - S469

As low as $9.95

This 21st-century Bulgarian icon, painted by the hand of Georgi Chimev, features Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom. About the year 1100, there arose a discussion among the Christians of Constantinople about which of...

Apostle Timothy (Clark) Icon - S235

As low as $9.95

The Holy Apostle Timothy was born to a pagan father and Jewish mother. He became a disciple of the Apostle Paul when he preached in Lystra, and he followed him throughout the time of his preaching. Timothy became the Bishop of Ephesus, and led the Church...

Basil the Great (Athos) Icon - S331

As low as $9.95

St. Basil was born in Caesarea in 329, to a holy family full of saints. He went to complete his education in Athens, where he first met his lifelong friend St. Gregory the Theologian. Later, after he had spent some time in solitude, Basil became...

John Chrysostom (Athos) Icon - S332

As low as $9.95

Saint John Chrysostom (which means "Golden-Mouthed," after his eloquent speaking abilities) is one of the greatest preachers and theologians in Church history. His sermons and commentary on the scriptures are invaluable, and his bold preaching is...

Saint Emilia of Caesarea Icon - S436

As low as $9.95

Saint Emilia (also known as Emmelia, Amelia, or Emily) was born in the fourth century. She was the daughter of an unknown martyr and wife of Saint Basil the Elder, who was a lawyer in Caesarea. Saints Basil and Emilia bore ten children, five of which...