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Roman and Anna Davidovskiy

Roman and Anna are a husband-and-wife iconography team from Moscow, Russia. Their icons are reproduced by Legacy Icons with permission. If you can't find what you are looking for, Roman and Anna accept commissions for custom icons.

Saint Joanna Icon - S499

As low as $9.95

Saint Joanna, the wife of Chusa the steward of King Herod, was one of the women who followed Christ during his ministry (mentioned twice in the Gospel of Luke), and she was among the Myrrh-bearing Women who came to the Lord's tomb on the morning of...

Righteous Noah Icon - S488

As low as $9.95

Noah was an Old Testament Patriarch who lived at the time of the Great Flood. In his lifetime, he was judged by God to be the only righteous man left in the world. When God destroyed the world in the Flood, Noah and his family were saved in the Ark. The...

Saint Justinian the Great Icon - S532

As low as $9.95

Saint Justinian the Great reigned as Byzantine emperor from 527 to 565. During his reign, tens of thousands of pagans were baptized into Christ and the pagan schools of Athens were closed. Some ninety missionary churches were built to evangelize and...

Apostle Jude Thaddeus Icon - S487

As low as $9.95

The Apostle Jude (also known as Thaddeus, Lebbaeus, and Barsabas), was one of the twelve Apostles. He was also Jesus' half-brother, the son of Saint Joseph the Betrothed by his first wife. Saint Jude wrote a brief epistle, which is part of the New...

Saint Tryphon Icon - S486

As low as $9.95

Saint Tryphon (or Trypho) was from Lampsacus (modern Lapseki). He tended geese and was filled with the Holy Spirit, able to work powerful miracles of healing and exorcism. He became a bold preacher of Christ during the reign of Emperor Decius, about the...

Righteous Esther Icon - S548

As low as $9.95

Esther was the Jewish queen of Artaxerxes, King of Persia. The account of her life is recorded in the Old Testament Book of Esther. She foiled a plot by the evil Haman to destroy the Jews living in Persia. Saint Esther is commemorated on the Sunday...