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Fr. Theodore Koufos

These icons have been painted by American iconographer Fr. Theodore Koufos and Valentin Streltsov. More of their work and information on commissions may be found at Offered by permission.

Saint George (Koufos) Icon - S161

As low as $44.95

Saint George, sometimes called “the Trophy-bearer,” was born in the province of Cappadocia, Asia Minor (Turkey), in the third century and raised as a Christian. About age 20, he joined the Roman army under the emperor Diocletian,...

Prophet Moses (Koufos) Icon - S148

As low as $9.95

Moses was a prophet, transcriber of Holy Law, and mediator between God and man. Through Moses, God made Himself known to the people of Israel. In his obedience to God and his communication of the Law to the people, Moses laid the foundation for our...

Prophet Elisha (Koufos) Icon - S145

As low as $9.95

Elisha (or Elisseus) succeeded Elijah, and throughout his life performed similar wonders and miracles. After he watched Elijah’s being accepted into Heaven, Elisha went on to provide wholesome land, food, and water for cities stricken with famine...