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Special Collections

Prophet Samuel (Athos) Icon - S286

As low as $9.95

Samuel’s prophecies were a driving force in the era after the Israelites had settled in one land. His conception and birth, after his then-barren mother Hannah offered her sorrow to God and asked for His mercy and blessing, foreshadows the...

Righteous Noah Icon - S488

As low as $9.95

Noah was an Old Testament Patriarch who lived at the time of the Great Flood. In his lifetime, he was judged by God to be the only righteous man left in the world. When God destroyed the world in the Flood, Noah and his family were saved in the Ark. The...

Archangel Salaphiel Icon - S422

As low as $9.95

Salaphiel (also translated as Salathiel) in the Hebrew language means Intercessor of God. One of the eight traditional archangels, he is named in the book of III Esdras, where he encourages the Prophet Esdras. His hands are crossed in a...

Prophet Joshua (Athos) Icon - S373

As low as $9.95

The holy prophet Joshua, the Son of Nun (in Greek, Jesus of Navi), was called by Moses to survey the Promised Land. He urged the people to trust in God as they prepared to enter the land. He was chosen to succeed Moses, and after Moses' death, Joshua led...