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Special Collections

Clement of Rome (Athos) Icon - S310

As low as $9.95

Saint Clement was converted to Christ through the Apostle Peter. He served as the third Bishop of Rome after the death of the Apostles, from about AD 91 to 99. His feast is celebrated on November 23 in the West, November 24 by the Greeks, and November 25...

Righteous Gideon Icon - S385

As low as $9.95

Gideon was appointed by God as one of the Judges of Israel during the Old Testament. His feast is celebrated on September 26, and he is also remembered among the Old Testament righteous on the Sunday of the Forefathers in December.

Sylvester of Rome (Athos) Icon - S311

As low as $9.95

Saint Sylvester served as the 32nd bishop of Rome after the death of the Apostles. He was not able to attend the First Ecumenical Council in 325 due to illness, but he sent representatives. He reposed later that year. His feast is celebrated on December...

Prophet Elisha (Koufos) Icon - S145

As low as $9.95

Elisha (or Elisseus) succeeded Elijah, and throughout his life performed similar wonders and miracles. After he watched Elijah’s being accepted into Heaven, Elisha went on to provide wholesome land, food, and water for cities stricken with famine...