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Jesus Christ Icons

Christ Pantocrator (XXc) Icon - X147

As low as $9.95

Pantocrator, "almighty," is one of the many names of God used in the Bible. It refers to Christ as Sabaoth, "Lord of Hosts," the ruler of all, and the sustainer of the universe. This image of Christ is the most widely-used subject in all of Orthodox...


Christ of Smolensk (XVIc) Icon - X162

As low as $9.95

This finely-detailed 16th century icon depicts Christ standing, holding an open Gospel, indicating Christ as the Teacher. A rarity for the Smolensk genre, Christ is standing alone, without any saints. This creates a powerful and intense focus on Christ,...

Christ Enthroned (XIXc) Icon - X111

As low as $9.95

In this 19th century icon of the Moscow school of iconography, Christ is seated upon His heavenly throne and gives a blessing. The Gospel is open and reads in Old Church Slavonic, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you...

Christ "Holy Face" (XVIc) Icon - X104

As low as $9.95

This 16th century Russian icon, also known as the Holy Face or Mandylion, portrays the face of Christ on a piece of cloth, carried by the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. According to Christian legend, King Abgar of Edessa wrote to Jesus, asking him to...