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Youth (age 7-16) is a time of learning and development, where the seeds planted in childhood begin to sprout. It is a key time in life to keep our ultimate focus on Christ, as the lessons learned in youth will set the course for a lifetime.

Micro Icons

Micro Icons are tiny, miniature icons that are currently available with six different images. At a size of 1x¾", they can be placed virtually anywhere to bring the sacred into daily life—computer monitors, bookshelves, window sills, and even...

Micro Icon Surprise Egg


A wonderful Easter surprise! A surprise micro icon inside a colored plastic egg. Perfect for your family egg hunt! If you need more, consider a dozen red plastic eggs! Egg color and icon will vary.

33 Knot Prayer Rope


Traditional small black wool prayer rope with 33 knots and a bead. Design may vary. Do not attempt to stretch the prayer rope or use it as a bracelet if it is too small for your hand.

Christ and Theotokos Diptych


This diptych, available in 2 sizes, features a fully printed cover. On the inside, there is an icon and the text of the Lord's Prayer. Limited quantities. Made in Greece.

Holy Archangels Micro Icon Set


This beautiful icon set includes the eight traditional Archangels, the leaders of the bodiless hosts of heaven. Inspire your mind with spiritual thoughts as you contemplate their intercession for you and your loved ones. Michael in the Hebrew...

Orthodox Festal Candle Wreath


This Legacy Icons exclusive is sure to become the centerpiece for your home observance of Church Feast Days throughout the year! Crafted from over 2 pounds of solid brass, this stunning candle wreath with beautiful engraving will be a treasured heirloom...

Stations of the Cross Micro Icon Set


The Stations of the Cross is a powerful Western Christian devotion used during Lent and Holy Week. Also called "The Way of the Cross" (or in Latin, Via Crucis), it follows the journey of Christ from His condemnation by Pilate to His death. The set...

Theotokos "The Queen" Icon - T172

As low as $9.95

This icon features the Theotokos enthroned, wearing the royal regalia of the Queen Mother. She holds a scepter and orb, symbols of authority. The Lord Jesus blesses the orb, a symbol of the world. Offered under license from the iconographer.

Christmas Family Prayer Set

As low as $39.95

Prepare for the Advent season and celebrate Christmas with an exclusive prayer package from Legacy Icons. Perfect for families, groups of friends, and prayer groups. Makes a wonderful gift as well! Choose from 3 sets based on the size of your group:...