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Devotional Items

Legacy Icons is pleased to offer a wide variety of devotional items and supplies to enhance your prayer and worship, both at home and in church. From inspirational quotes and books, to beeswax candles, baptismal crosses and necklaces, and hand-crafted wooden items and much more. See our newest offerings below, or browse by category at the left side of the page.

60 Knot Colored Prayer Rope


Hand made prayer rope from Greece. Made from thin waxed cotton thread, with two beads and a cross. Assorted colors. We do our best to honor requests (include in order comments at checkout). Do not attempt to stretch the prayer rope.

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

The Holy Gospel


The Holy Gospel book contains the full text of the four Gospels, marked according to liturgical use in the Orthodox Church. It uses the Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible (EOB), a formal Modern English translation from the  Patriarchal Text of the...

Saint Maximus the Confessor


Saint Maximus the Confessor, 7th century abbot, confessor, and martyr, was the author of profound spiritual treatises, a number of which are contained in the Philokalia. He was also a steadfast confessor of the Faith at the time of the Monothelite...

Saint John of Kronstadt


This biography of the great miracle-worker Saint John of Kronstadt, whose My Life in Christ is a spiritual classic known throughout the Orthodox world and beyond, was written by I.K. Sursky, who both knew Saint John personally and collected many...

Pocket Diptych


This lovely diptych, made in Greece, features a carved decorative exterior and a pair of golden backed icons on the inside. A perfect stocking stuffer or small gift! Designs vary.

Beeswax Wicks


Contains ~20g of hand-made beeswax-coated wicks for use with our cork floats (sold separately) and any appropriate glass votive lamp and olive oil. Instructions for Use Position the cork float with the metal side up. This shields the cork from the...

Paraffin Votive Candles (Dozen)


12 standard white paraffin votive candles, perfect for use with our glass votive holders. Burns up to 10 hours. For maximum burn time, allow surface wax to melt completely before extinguishing and burn in still air. Safety Tips Do not burn candles...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

The Letters of Saint Ignatius of Antioch


Saint Ignatius was a disciple of the Apostle John, and he learned the Christian Faith directly from the eyewitnesses of Christ. He served as the third bishop of Antioch, from about the year 70 until his martyrdom in 107. He was an important figure in the...

The Ladder of Divine Ascent


Saint John Climacus, sixth century abbot of Sinai, compared the spiritual life to a ladder of thirty steps, and explained in detail the challenges presented by each of those steps. This spiritual classic has brought inspiration and edification to every...

Pocket Prayer Book


This Pocket Prayer Book contains all of the common daily prayers as prayed in the Orthodox (particularly Byzantine) tradition. This translation by the monks of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery is widely used in the English-speaking Orthodox Church in...

Pocket Psalter


The Pocket Psalter is a must-have for your daily prayer. This popular translation of the Psalter by the monks of Holy Transfiguration Monastery is widely used in the English-speaking Orthodox Church in North America and elsewhere. The book includes the...

Byzantine Time 24-Hour Wall Clock


Use this unique clock to keep Byzantine Time, the canonical timekeeping method of ancient Christianity. With a 24-hour timepiece, the hour hand goes around once per day. The hour hand tracks the nominal position of the sun: at noon (the 6th hour of...

Votive Riser

As low as $54.95

Votive Risers from Legacy Icons can be used to arrange and display a set of votive candles in a very attractive way. Whether in your home, or in a chapel setting, Votive Risers are an ideal solution. Approximate size: 12"x7"x5" 3 risers to hold candles...

Byzantine Time Wall Clock


Use this clock to keep Byzantine Time, the canonical time of ancient Christianity. In Byzantine time, the time of day or night begins nominally at 6:00. (In the days before mechanical timepieces, the times were adjusted monthly to reflect the position of...

Mini Holy Water Bottle


In the Christian tradition, water is blessed at various times as a special means of grace. In many places, it is customary to drink a little holy water each morning as a blessing and a reminder of baptism. Water is customarily blessed at Theophany...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles


The Didache, written during the Apostolic era (1st century AD) is an ancient guidebook to Christian life and worship which is truly enlightening to read. This new translation exclusively available from Legacy Icons features beautiful iconographic...

Large Beeswax Candles (3/4 inch)


The gentle smell of honey will fill your home, study, church or office for as you burn these incredible candles. Our 100% beeswax candles are virtually smokeless, with warm orange flames that burn longer and cleaner than paraffin wax candles. Sold...

Icon Shrine

As low as $64.95

Our beautiful, hand-crafted wooden icon shrines are ideal for housing icons in any outdoor setting. (And even indoors!) You can choose to display any icon, up to 8x10 inches, either Classic or Masterpiece style, in the shrine as it adorns your...

Byzantine Eagle Wall Bracket


Use this beautiful brass hook to hang a vigil lamp or hanging censer. Perfect for home prayer corners and churches alike! Eagle-shaped mounting plate is approximately 3x4 inches, and overall length is 7 inches. Mount using two brass screws (not...

Hanging Vigil Lamp


Illuminate the icons in your home or church with an exquisite brass vigil lamp. Lamp is 4½ inches in diameter and 6 inches long. Hanging chain is approximately 14 inches long. Includes removable glass votive. Based on supply, exact appearance may...

Wall Bracket

As low as $19.95

Use this beautiful hook to hang a vigil lamp or hanging censer. Perfect for home prayer corners and churches alike! Mounting plate is 2¾ inches in diameter, and overall length is 5 inches (13 cm). Mount using two matching screws (not included).