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Devotional Items

Legacy Icons is pleased to offer a wide variety of devotional items and supplies to enhance your prayer and worship, both at home and in church. From inspirational quotes and books, to beeswax candles, baptismal crosses and necklaces, and hand-crafted wooden items and much more. See our newest offerings below, or browse by category at the left side of the page.

Brnjak Monastery Prayer Rope

Brnjak Monastery Prayer Rope

As low as $9.95

These beautiful prayer ropes are hand-made by the nuns of the Monastery of Saint George in Brnjak, Kosovo-Serbia. They are crafted from wool or synthetic cord, with beautiful wooden beads of various colors. A prayer rope is used in the Orthodox...

Signature Carved Shrine (2)

Signature Carved Shrine (2)


This beautiful icon shrine is hand-carved from Cherry wood, featuring a Greek cross and floral design. It is finished with our exclusive beeswax-linseed oil polish. It houses an icon up to 4x5 inches in size. For indoor use only.

Saint Peter Hand-Carved Icon


This beautiful icon of Saint Peter was expertly hand-carved right here at Legacy Icons from Basswood with beautiful Red Oak cross-slats. Overall size is approximately 11x14 inches. This unique, one-of-a-kind image would make an ideal gift or...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

Anthologion Prayer Book


There are many prayer books, but those wanting an authentic and accessible expression of the Church's ancient cycles of liturgical worship, in its rich variety, can look to the Anthologion and its riches, composed by Saint John of Damascus and...

The Royal Hours of Pentecost


The Royal Hours of Pentecost was a liturgical service composed by Fr. Nicholas Malachos of Nafplio in the mid-16th century, about 100 years after the fall of Constantinople. Mirroring the pre-Christmas and pre-Epiphany Royal Hours services still in...

Cross and Crescent Flag

As low as $16.95

This flag features a traditional Orthodox three-bar cross with a crescent moon and the letters IC XC NIKA, "Jesus Christ Conquers." This was a symbol of the Byzantine Empire, functionally similar to the double-headed eagle before the eagle came...

Monastic Cross Flag

As low as $16.95

This striking monochromatic flag features the monastic Golgotha Cross and the letters IC XC НИКА, "Jesus Christ Conquers." On the outer edge is the text of the Troparion of the Cross in English. This Legacy Icons exclusive flag features a...

Holy Face Flag

As low as $16.95

The Holy Face, also known as the Image of Edessa or the Mandylion, is an ancient icon featuring the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is boldly framed on a red background and the Slavonic letters IC XC НИКА, which means "Jesus Christ Conquers...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

The Prophetologion: Orthodox Old Testament Lectionary

The Prophetologion ("Book of the Prophets") contains the full collection of Old Testament books and readings as read liturgically in the Orthodox Church. It is an excellent companion to the Holy Gospel and Holy Apostle (Epistle) books. It uses the...

Saint John Chrysostom and the Jesus Prayer


Since the middle Byzantine period, one of the most widely read texts on the Jesus Prayer was a lengthy letter said to be written by St John Chrysostom. The letter assumed increasing authority in the late Byzantine period when it was cited approvingly...

Mother of the Light


Translated by the V. Rev. Archimandrite Maximos Constas, is a collection of 13 prayers and 3 canons to the Mother of God. The prayers, originally written in Greek, are ascribed to St Ephraim the Syrian (and are the first published English translations...

Orthodox Christian Prayer Book


Features a round-back hardcover bound in blue cloth with gold-stamping. It has been beautifully printed in full-color, with many icons, gilded edges and two page-marker ribbons. This English language text includes Morning Prayers, the Service of...

Athonite Lamb Prosphora Seal


Prosphora (Greek for "offering") is holy bread prepared for use in the Divine Liturgy. This bread is traditionally prepared and baked by members of the local parish church, a continuation of the ancient practice in which parishioners would bring the...

Athonite Prosphora Seal


Prosphora (Greek for "offering") is holy bread prepared for use in the Divine Liturgy. This bread is traditionally prepared and baked by members of the local parish church, a continuation of the ancient practice in which parishioners would bring the...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

Prayers of the Desert


The original monks of the Egyptian desert have left us tremendous treasures that speak to us across the centuries. Their survival is a testament to the Spirit of God which inspired them, and their words have much to offer us today. The Rule of Saint...

Byzantine Eagle Flag

As low as $10.95

The gold double-headed eagle is a medieval symbol of the Roman Empire, representing the union of East and West. Today the flag is used as a symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church and of the Monastic State of the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos). The flag...

Byzantine Palaiologos "4B" Flag

As low as $10.95

This flag is known as "the First Byzantine Empire Flag," featuring the emblems of the Palaiologos dynasty which ruled the Roman Empire from 1259 until the fall of Constantinople in 1453. It features the imperial arms and the Tetragrammatic cross with...

Russian Old Believer Style Wick Holder


This traditional style of wick holder keeps your flame perched at the top of the lamp at all times.  Instructions Insert the wick through the tube, leaving about 1/4 inch (5mm) of wick sticking up. Bend the wick holder into an "M" shape that...

Seven Candle Brass Candle Holder


Complete your prayer corner with this incredible candle stand. Use our standard size (3/8 inch) beeswax candle tapers or your own. (Our Large Beeswax Candles are too thick to use with this candle holder.) Remember real beeswax candles burn ash-less and...

Prayer of Saint Ephraim Prayer Card

As low as $1.49

The Prayer of Saint Ephraim is a fundamental part of Lenten prayer and worship in the Orthodox tradition. It is said at every weekday church service and at one's private prayers every day. Together with the penitential act of bowing to the ground after...

Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press

The Holy Apostle

As low as $37.95

The Holy Apostle, also known as the Apostolos, Apostol, or Epistle Book, contains the full text of the Book of Acts and the Pauline and Catholic Epistles, marked according to liturgical use in the Orthodox Church. It uses the Eastern/Greek Orthodox...

The Jesus Prayer


This unique study provides the reader with both a historical and spiritual understanding of the prayer which simply invokes the name of Jesus. To pronounce the name of Jesus in a holy way is an all-sufficient and surpassing aim for any human life... We...

Unseen Warfare


This spiritual classic was written by Lorenzo Scupoli, a sixteenth-century Venetian priest. Immensely popular in its own day, it was ranked by Francis de Sales with the Imitation of Christ. In the general rapport between Western and Eastern...