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Constantine's Closet

Constantine's Closet features small quantities of random product offerings. We will not be keeping these items as part of our main catalog, but you can get them for a limited time at bargain prices, while supplies last! Sales are final on these items.

Ethiopian Oasis Incense

As low as $2.79

Searching for peace in the wastelands, you are drawn to an oasis, full of life. With hints of cinnamon, cloves, and soft lemon, Ethiopian Oasis will enhance your public and private worship. 25% discount will apply when added to your cart.

Byzantine Eagle Flag (CC)

As low as $9.07

The gold double-headed eagle is a medieval symbol of the Roman Empire, representing the union of East and West. Today the flag is used as a symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church and of the Monastic State of the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos).

Byzantine Palaiologos "4B" Flag (CC)

As low as $7.67

This flag is known as "the First Byzantine Empire Flag," featuring the emblems of the Palaiologos dynasty which ruled the Roman Empire from 1259 until the fall of Constantinople in 1453. It features the imperial arms and the Tetragrammatic cross with...

Isle Grove Incense

As low as $2.79

A monk tends to his coastal garden on a peaceful isle. Filling his basket from a field of lavender, there is a hint of lemon in the air. Isle Grove points to paradisiacal world that every whisper of prayer and chanted hymn makes present. 25% discount...