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  • Amount pictured here is 5 grams. Actual appearance may vary. Please note that Honey Amber Incense has a slightly moist and gritty texture, so your order may not only be comprised of solid chunks. However, the "grit" is made of the same material and burns exactly the same way as the chunks.
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  • Amount pictured here is 5 grams, compared to a U.S. quarter dollar coin.

Honey Amber Incense


Product Description

Honey Amber features a rich, warm aroma. The sweet and buttery fragrance, with notes of vanilla and honey, sweetens as it burns. The complex blend of natural resins and herbs burns incredibly clean. It starts smoking instantly, and as it melts, the incense seeps into the charcoal. There will be no ash or burnt odor left over at the end, and the unique fragrance continues to gently linger long after the smoke has ended.

Super-premium Amber incense is simply amazing. Though more expensive than our other incenses, this is not without good reason. Amber is extremely rich, and while it melts down relatively quickly, we find that its sweetness lingers in the air for much longer than other incenses—and without a burnt odor at the end. You do not need to use much, either. Just 0.1 or 0.2 grams (about the size of a small fingernail or a single piece of Athonite incense) will fill a home or small church.

Honey Amber comes in small chunks of what is best described as a slightly moist crystalline "grit." Chunks can be easily broken down, and your order may include this crystalline grit which is not in solid chunks. This crystalline grit is made of the same material, with the same quality and fragrance as the solid chunks, and it can be burned exactly the same way, so don't throw it out! It is sold purely by weight, not container size. 

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